Written and Drawn by Margreet de Heer
Written and Drawn by Reed Waller, Kate Worley, and James Vance
Published by NBM

Reviewed by Marc Mason

Two new very good efforts from my former employer…

SCIENCE: A DISCOVERY IN COMICS is the second of these reference volumes I’ve seen from writer/artist Margaret de Heer, and as with the one on philosophy, it is absolutely terrific. Originally published in the Netherlands, and translated from the Dutch, de Heer uses the sequential art format to inform and enlighten the reader about the history of science itself, the meaning and origins of some of its disciplines, and even the foundations of theory. Heady stuff, to be sure. Yet de Heer has a way of presenting the concepts in such a manner that they never feel like they’re going over one’s head. Instead, SCIENCE feels truly like a book for the masses, a work that brings scientific principle to the layperson in ways it hasn’t before. Her art is simple and straight-forward, and she always chooses function over form: everything works to service the lessons she is trying to impart. When people ask me about how comics can serve a purpose in the classroom, this is precisely the kind of book I use to demonstrate that very thing.

After a loooooooooong wait, the serialization aspect is over, and the final volume of THE COMPLETE OMAHA is now available. A classic comicbook soap opera renowned for its sex positive approach to the cast’s graphic on-page couplings, what started out as a humble little thing shook the industry to its foundations. For those who don’t know, it was OMAHA causing a comics retailer to be prosecuted for carrying it in his store that eventually led to the foundation of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund! Here in this final volume (finished by Waller and Vance using notes from Worley before she left us too soon due to cancer) Omaha, Chuck, Shelley, Kurt, and the rest are put through their final paces as the story heads for an appropriately explosive climax. Plotlines are tied up, villains get their comeuppance, characters fins emotional resolutions… it’s everything you’d want if you’ve been reading the book from the start. Waller and Vance’s work stays true to everything that had come before, and the last couple of pages are just about perfect. A nice job of sticking the landing.


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