Written by Daryl Gregory and Illustrated by Carlos Magno
Published by BOOM! Studios

Reviewed by Avril Brown

Fans of the ‘Planet of the Apes’ series should check out BOOM!’s new comic of the same name and concept. Set twelve hundred years before the events in Charlton Heston’s ground-breaking original ‘Planet of the Apes’ movie released in 1968, the balance of power between the apes and humans has already begun to shift in the apes’ favor. As more humans are being born mute and the human culture disintegrates, the apes are well on their way to becoming the dominant creatures on the planet.

As girls the human Sullivan and the ape Alaya were orphans both adopted by a kindly older ape they called ‘grandfather.’ Believing in a world where ape and human lived together in harmony, the well-respected Lawgiver was in a position of great power and influence and he remained a friend to the humans…until he was gunned down by a human assassin using extremely deadly ‘old tech.’ Someone has been manufacturing these lethal tools in Southtown aka ‘Skintown,’ and though both Alaya and Sullivan are hunting the same killer, their methods differ vastly, and Alaya’s choices especially will have long-reaching consequences.

Filled with action and intrigue, these two introductory issues have gotten off to an addictive start. Gregory has weaved a believable world fraught with change and tension, and the story is nicely nestled between the time periods of the very first ‘Apes’ and the upcoming ‘Rise of the Planet of the Apes’ (where apes first gain advanced intelligence), thus insuring an unique story in an original setting. Magno’s art is slightly gritty yet so rich in detail and vivacity, making him the perfect artistic compliment to this brand new chapter in the saga of the ‘Apes.’ All eyes back on ‘Apes’ with the latest movie coming out in August of this year, and thankfully BOOM! was smart to get such a successful team on such a noticeable, and enjoyable, title.


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