AISLE SEAT 2.0.58: SDCC DAY 8,512

By Marc Mason

I’m done.

I walked out of the convention center around 430pm, having completed my “full scan” of the con- a walk down every aisle, at least a glimpse of every booth. My last full stop was a visit with an artist pal who was kind enough to show me some top-secret pages from an upcoming book. They look absolutely stunning, and I can’t wait to see it in print.

That’s the kind of thing that makes SDCC fun.

Today I arrived at the show late. By the end of last night, my feet were in horrendous condition. I have blisters on my left pinky toe and my right heel, so no matter which way I adjust my stride, walking hurts like a bastard.

I’ve already walked about six miles today. Fun, eh?

So there was no way I was going to make the press event I was scheduled for at 1130. Instead, I took my morning slow, got myself together and ready to walk, then headed off for Seaport Village for a quiet oceanside lunch. I dropped by Asaggio’s and ordered up a calzone that I ate while watching the waves caress the shore below my feet. I let my mind wander to the things that truly matter most to me right now. And once I had achieved a sense of calm, then and only then did I make my way to the con.

If you have never been to the show, I cannot impress upon you enough just how important it is to get yourself away from the building and go someplace and enjoy the beauty and tranquility of life elsewhere. That can make a huge difference between whether or not you have a good time or a rotten one.

Once I got inside, I did a little of my scan, then alit at the NBM booth for my final shift of the con. Once again, I was PornGuard, overseeing the section with the Eurotica and Amerotica graphic novels. Such a fascinating array of customers I saw in that space over the last three days. I was always intrigued when women actually stopped to look; very few by themselves, most with a guy, and in what they chose. When one particular book sold out, I thought it was very telling, as it was the one that I feel is the most female or couples-friendly item in the catalog. If you print it, they will come.

After the shift, I went off to finish my round. Along the way I saw the usual gaggle of friends, famous folks, and comics illuminati that I stopped to chat with. Unlike last year’s Saturday, this was a nice and relaxed day, and I got done what I wanted to with very little hassle.

So I’m leaving this year with a suitcase of reasonable weight- I didn’t go soliciting books to review. What I got, I bought for myself because I really wanted to read them. I need to do more of that, because if I do, I’ll continue to enjoy the medium to its fullest

And that, folks, is really what this show should be all about.


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